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We Use It To Keep Our Delight

One of the things that makes me happy is seeing kids chase after an ice cream truck. It reminds me of the nice afternoons when I wait for my lovely grandkids to finish school. They usually share a cup of ice cream on their way home, but sometimes I drive them and they each get their own.

scoops of ice cream

The problem is that Jane, who is in middle school, gets out earlier and buys two cups for herself and her little sister. Then she waits outside the younger kid’s school and watches one of the cups melt. At first, I thought of keeping a cooler in my car, but then I realized a refrigerator would be better. So I solved the problem by getting a portable car refrigerator and placing it on the backseat.  Now we have a place to store our ice cream before it melts. And not just ours, but also the other teenagers who pass by.

an empty car refrigerator

When spring arrives, we discover that our mini fridge is more useful than we expected. There are afternoons when we just sit in the yard and feel the breeze. We bring our refrigerator with us so our drinks can stay cold and we don’t have to go inside to get more.

As you may see, this mini refrigerator is definitely something I won’t regret to have.


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