Two-year live with CF-45: One of the Best Investment Ever Made

An overall look of Euhomy CF-45
Two years ago I purchased my first car refrigerator and Iโ€™m happy to say it has been one of the best investments Iโ€™ve ever made. I didnโ€™t have the highest expectations initially, seeing as the price is so affordable compared to other car refrigerators, but this refrigerator has been used daily for two years and has never given me an issue.

Euhomy CF-45 Portable Figdge right in the backseat

I have traveled across the United States and used this refrigerator daily along the way to keep all of my food and drinks cold and safe while camping in remote areas where there would be no other access to modern conveniences. It fits perfectly in the back of my Jeep and provides enough space inside to store food and drinks for the whole family during a trip. The temperature controls and display make setup a breeze, and thereโ€™s even an eco mode to help conserve power while keeping your items cold! I would definitely recommend Euhomy products to anyone looking for an affordableย high-quality refrigerator for their next adventure!

My fidge dosen't look new, but durable


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