[Entry Closed] Get ready with your spring appliance🎁

👏Big congratulations to @deidra_doggett from insta👏

A bunch of thanks to all who entered. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities and check #euhomy to be the first to know.

Good luck🐰 and thank you again!


🚡A repetitive routine is mind-numbing, but a holiday can be rejuvenating.

🌿Spring comes as expected, but we want to make your experience extraordinary every Easter.


Be the lucky one to receive a Euhomy portable car refrigerator (35L).

Entry begins now, and the winner will be drawn randomly and announced on “April 1️⃣7️⃣”


To participate, simply:

  • Check our Facebook and Instagram, click follow.
  • Like the pinned post.
  • Comment the post and tag one of your friends in your spring plan.

🤟Head to our Ins @euhomyofficial and Facebook @EuhomyOfficial to double your chances!


We treasure everyone’s experience with Euhomy and hope we can have more stories in the new season.

Good luck, buddy🐰

The winner will receive a DM, and please respond within 48h.


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