How to clean an ice machine?

An ice maker is a device that quickly turns water into ice. The production of ice cubes is mainly achieved by increasing the temperature and pressure of the compressed refrigerant and then absorbing heat through the evaporator. Undeniably, the ice maker has become an essential household appliance in our daily lives. However, the problem of how to clean the ice maker often troubles us. In order to help you solve this problem, Euhomy has created a product maintenance plan(cleaning ice maker cleaning solution) to provide product maintenance suggestions so that you can regularly have a new ice maker machine.

When it comes to cleaning an coutertop ice maker, it's not just about cleaning the exterior of the ice maker. The most important thing is to clean the ice maker's filter. So, why do you need to clean the filter? What are the benefits of cleaning the filter? And how do you clean the filter?

The filter is one of the important components of the portable ice maker that ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of the ice cubes. Generally, the ice maker we purchase will have a problem accumulating small mineral deposits during the ice-making process. If not handled in time, these minerals will accumulate inside the body of the ice maker, becoming a huge potential problem, such as making the ice cubes look dull and emitting unusual odors. Most importantly, they may promote the growth of fungi, algae, and bacteria in the ice maker, which can damage the ice-drinking experience and may cause users to suffer from serious and long-term illnesses.

To solve this problem, most ice makers are now equipped with filters. The filter is a precision device that uses a filter screen to directly intercept impurities in liquids such as water and oil, remove suspended solids and particulate matter in water and oil, reduce turbidity, purify water quality and oil quality, and reduce the generation of system dirt, algae, rust, etc., in order to purify the liquid and protect other devices in the system.

The filter of an ice maker is one of the important components to ensure that the produced ice is clean and hygienic, so regularly checking and cleaning or replacing the filter is key to maintaining normal operation and producing high-quality ice.

When checking the filter of an ice maker, we need to follow the following guidelines:

1.Ensure safety Ensure safe operation by timely disconnecting the power supply of the ice maker to avoid any electric shock or injury.

2.Check the cleanliness of the filter Check if there is any dirt, contaminants, or other impurities in the filter of your ice maker. If there are any, clean the filter with mild soapy water or a cleaning agent. If the filter of your ice maker is damaged or outdated, replace it in a timely manner.

3.Reinstall the filter onto the ice maker. Install the filter back into the ice maker in the reverse order and make sure it is correctly installed in place.

4.Reconnect the power supply and test the ice maker. After checking and replacing the filter, reconnect the power supply, and wait for the ice maker to restart and operate normally.

It is important to note that regular inspection, cleaning, or replacement of the filter can help ensure that the ice produced by the ice maker is clean and hygienic and avoid contamination and quality issues with the ice. The frequency of inspection depends on the usage frequency and environmental conditions of the ice maker, and it is generally recommended to check it every 3 to 6 months.

Currently, there are also self-cleaning ice makers available on the market that can free your hands, such as Euhomy's self-cleaning ice maker. You only need to add a cleaning agent and press the clean button to start the automatic self cleaning of the ice maker's interior. Of course, you still need to wipe the exterior yourself with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the ice maker's shell.

Euhomy is committed to providing every family with a clean, hygienic, and cost-effective ice maker and is also dedicated to helping users understand more about ice-related products. Click here to explore more high-quality ice makers.





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