How does an ice maker work?

Obviously, if you arrived on this page, you know what an icemaker is. Having said that, remembering it doesn't hurt either.

An ice maker replaces the traditional ice cube tray that we told you about in our introductory article to this file entirely devoted to personal and professional ice makers. Our goal is to give you all the information that will allow you to buy the ice maker that suits your needs.

The biggest problem with the ice bin you put in your freezer or freezer is when it takes for the water to turn into ice, or sometimes the ice is not being made for many reasons. While you will have to wait a good half hour in a freezer, only 10 to 15 minutes will be necessary with a machine.

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How an ice maker looks

An ice maker is made up of a water tank that you fill either manually or through a tube directly connected to a water inlet, depending on the model. Note that the machine is only supplied with cold water.

You then have a cooling coil where the refrigerant circulates; it is the latter that lowers the temperature of the water in contact with it. It is located above the mold, giving the desired shape to your future ice cubes. Some models are equipped with buzzers that spray water into molds located above and not below the coil.

A receptacle will collect your ice cubes as they are made. Some machines keep ice cubes. With others, you will need to harvest them and store them, in sachets, in your freezer.

We have deliberately simplified this presentation because, depending on the machines, the elements that make it up can be much more complex. With some of them, you can select the size and shape of the ice cubes, choose to alternatively obtain small cubes or crushed ice, for example. We will, of course, come back in more detail about the different options offered by the various machines.

How an ice maker works

It is an electric machine, so you have to plug it in and then fill the water tank according to the model. Then simply choose, using the user interface usually located on the front of the machine, the ice cubes' desired size. After about 10 minutes, you will hear the first ice cubes falling into the receptacle provided for this purpose.

Once the desired quantity has been obtained, you can switch off the machine. The models that allow you to store ice cubes, on the other hand, must remain energized, otherwise…

The internal operation is quite simple; the machine uses only the quantity necessary to produce the ice cubes requested. This water comes into contact with the coil, which circulates the refrigerant, which will trigger the crystallization process by lowering the temperature (generally greater than – 20 °) and is distributed in the mold, making it a set of small plastic molds.

The machine releases and then drops the ice cubes in the famous receptacle. Simple or sophisticated, the machine proceeds almost always in the same way.

The journey is continuous

Then the ice machine repeats the operation as many times as necessary.

To begin to help you choose your icemaker, we will see together a series of questions frequently asked by future buyers, in short, FAQs, as the Anglo-Saxons call them.

We will also tackle a recurring problem that it is essential to understand beforehand in order to choose the type of machine that will best suit you, its maintenance. Indeed, depending on the model, maintenance is more or less necessary. It's a bit like refrigerators, after all.

We will finish this part of the file devoted to the definition of the icemaker with an article that will be devoted to the various problems encountered with this type of equipment. We will see how to identify them and especially how to repair them without necessarily going through the service box. Here too, all the machines are not housed in the same sign, and it is not necessarily the simplest to use or manufacture that poses the least problems. The reverse is also true.

There are many models on the market; starting to take an interest in it can quickly resemble opening a pandora's box. The types of use, the functionalities, the complexity of certain machines, and the simplicity of others can quickly make you give up. Helping you find your way is our mission.

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