Party on Wheels: How to Plan a Mobile BBQ Party with a Car Fridge

It’s about that time of the year when the jackets and blankets are off, the sun is up, and there’s never a better time to spend some time with friends and loved ones outdoors. Eating, drinking, playing games, and sprawling out on the green lawns are just a few of the exciting things to look forward to when thinking about summer. But guess what’s even more interesting? Getting out for a mobile barbecue party in a favorite spot of choice!

Picture a scenario where you have loved ones smiling and happy, steaks in hand, and chilled drinks in a glass while having a light-hearted chit-chat on a scenic trail—heaven! With your items in your car fridge—everything is just perfect for a beautiful summer BBQ outdoors!

Getting ready for your mobile barbecue party with the perfect car fridge

Now that you’ve decided to host that barbecue party, before you think of inviting friends to go on this getaway with you, you have to plan out how everything would go. Thankfully a car fridge like this one is just perfect to house all perishables and make the ice just when it’s needed.

It would also be a great opportunity to bond with friends while they lend a hand in packing the ice from the icemaker or getting the meat or veggies to roast; it’s all part of the fun!

Must-have items for an unforgettable mobile barbecue party

Remember as part of your planning, you need to have the right equipment handy to make it all fun. From your barbecue oven or grills to utensils, and the indispensable dual-functioning ice-maker and refrigerator, all must be checked to ensure you and your loved ones have an unforgettable mobile barbecue experience.

1. Get a quality ice-maker car refrigerator:

Why have one when you can have two? It all adds to the fun experience at the party when you have a portable car ice refrigerator that keeps all perishables fresh, and drinks chilled, and makes ice handy whenever it’s needed. It’s a party after all and there’s really no need to rush back from the experience of your getaway BBQ party when you can put things in place to have an all-encompassing fun time.

Usually, if you’re hosting your BBQ in the backyard or patio of your home, you’re likely to stock up your refrigerator with enough meat, veggies, and drinks to last through the party, such that, even if you run out of some of these items like ice or veggies, you’re likely to get back in to pick them up.

Likewise, having a car ice refrigerator with you on a getaway mobile BBQ party affords you the same flexibility. Without it, you’re likely going to worry about how to keep your items preserved through the trip and how to keep ice from melting if you have to pack a few. More so, you may equally be constrained from packing too many items for the trip for fear of them getting spoilt before the party is over.

See why you need a quality car fridge? It becomes easier to load up your perishables in the refrigerator compartment and even set the car fridge at the right temperature to suit them. There’s no need to think about packing ice because the ice maker makes all of the ice on the go just when needed. Having a car ice refrigerator makes it all fun and your planning much easier. Ideally, you can easily regulate how your car ice refrigerator is functioning from the comfort of your smartphone.


2. Determine the food and drink to serve:

What do you plan to eat and drink at the party? If you find this a bit tricky, call up your family members or friends to decide what the party menu will be. This helps you to plan ahead on how you’ll be stocking up your car fridge. Usually, it’s best to stick with beef or chicken, hamburgers, and hotdogs if you’re non-vegetarian.

For instance, if you’re deciding to make your party drinks—say margaritas or sangria—you’re likely to need more ice and probably fruits to mix the drink at the location. Otherwise, if you’re settling for ready-made drinks like canned beer or soda, you’ll need to figure out if you want to stock up the refrigerator from home, or when you get to your location. Thankfully, you’ll never have to worry about running out of ice with the portable ice maker.


3. Choose your party destination:

Since it’s a mobile BBQ party, you probably already have a location in mind. If you’re still not certain about it, you can also talk to those you hope will be at the party so you can decide together. This helps you to know how long it will take to get to your location and if your car ice refrigerator battery will be sufficient to last the whole time or if you’ll need to go with a backup battery to keep it functional throughout the party.


4. Other important items:

Now that your planning is well underway, don’t forget the important items as well. Going with your barbecue oven or grill is not negotiable, utensils to work with, and the dish and cups to be used are all important. You may decide to go with disposables, to reduce additional workload. If you’re going with bottled drinks, you don’t have to worry about going with a cork opener as that comes with your car ice refrigerator.

The music is also important, because what’s a party without music?! Thankfully, you can use the USB port on your portable car fridge to keep your phone charging while you connect it to a Bluetooth speaker!


If you’re all stoked up to plan a summer party in a choice location, ensure to check all the boxes for an unforgettable experience. A car ice refrigerator makes planning much easier, and makes all of your effort worth it!



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