Benefits of Having Your Own Ice Machine Vs. Ice Bags

On many occasions, ice bags can be a real lifesaver, making it easy to get ice every time you need it—well, maybe not ‘every time!’ Imagine walking up to your refrigerator to fetch some ice for a late-night drink, and viola—you’re short of ice. The last time you checked, you probably made a mental note to restock, but you got busy and forgot—now, that could be really frustrating!

At that moment, you suddenly wish you had an ice machine of your own and didn’t have to wait till the next morning when the store opens to restock your ice supply. In this guide, you’ll discover why ice machines a not just lovely to have but are a worthwhile investment for any individual or business owner.

Ice Machines Vs Ice Bags—The Pros and Cons

If you’re occasionally in need of ice, you might consider owning an ice machine a far-fetched idea, which is fair. However, if you have a business in which running out of ice becomes a risk, then ice bags may not be the best solution to stick with. Let’s dig into what differentiates both.

1. Cost of purchase:

According to a price review from Howmuchisit, an average pack of ice costs between $2-$5, and a Standard Ice maker costs as low as $250 to over $1000. On the surface, you will likely think, “Okay, I’ll go for ice bags!”

However, if you’re a heavy ice user, that $5 ice bag could quickly accumulate into a significant expense at the end of the year. Meaning it would turn out to be a more expensive option to settle for. Your choice really depends on how heavily you need ice. If you’re stuck on whether to stick with ice bags or get an ice machine, think about the fact that purchasing an ice machine is a one-time expense, unlike ice bags, which you have to purchase each day of the year, for as long as you need it.

2. Ease of access:

In our fast-paced world, it’s super important to have access to items you need in the nick of time. As a business owner, running out of your ice supply in the heat of a business day is pretty risky. Since your goal is to maximize profit, a business day with many patrons coming in and out is going to be an exciting one.

Consider a scenario where you run out of your ice supply while trying to meet the demands of your customers, and you urgently need to serve beverages or keep ice buckets on people's tables. In such a situation, owning your own ice machine becomes a critical necessity as it allows you to access ice easily whenever you require it. You no longer have to rely on your ice supplier and wait for deliveries each time.

Even as an individual, if having access to ice at any moment of the day is essential to you, relying solely on ice bags may not always meet that need. By having an ice machine at your disposal, you can ensure you never run out of ice and always have it readily available whenever you need it. The convenience and reliability of an ice machine can make a significant difference in meeting your ice-related needs efficiently.

3. Stocking up for trips:

When planning outdoor trips, having ice handy for your coolers is a necessity. To fill your coolers, you can either settle for ice bags or pack ice from your ice machine into the cooler. While stocking your cooler with ice bags is a great option, using ice packs from your ice machine is an affordable option.

One thing about going out with coolers is that you’ll need to fill them up with ice to keep the contents chilled for long. The issue with ice bags is that you’ll have to buy enough to fill your cooler to avoid air gaps in it, which becomes a waste of money after you’ve exhausted the drinks. However, if you have an ice machine, you don’t have to worry about the quantity of ice that goes into your cooler since you’re not buying them.

4. Hygiene

In line with the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration, ice is considered a type of food, and its production is subject to regulatory standards. Despite this, as a business owner, event planner, or individual, you might still harbor doubts about using packaged ice directly for consumption. To address this concern, it is advisable to invest in your own ice machine. By doing so, you can carefully select the water source for ice production. In the event of ice melting, you can feel assured about drinking the resulting water, as opposed to discarding it, which may not be the case with store-bought ice.



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