100 Lbs./Day Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker

Euhomy ice maker ensures your success in delivering cold drinks to your customer with 100 Lbs./day without breaking the bank. Your will always have enough ICE to save your Customers. #1 Best Seller in Commercial ice Makers in Amazon USA. The ice maker has been rated by Best Cost-effective Commercial Ice maker by thousands of fans of Euhomy Community.


Save $168


Serve Right Your Customers

Serve great drinks such as cocktail, juices, beer to your customers and let them say YES. With this ice maker in your bar or restaurent you wil always have enough ice to serve your customers since it comes with 33 Lbs. storage bin to reserve your ice.

  •  100 lbs. ice machine features automatic overflow
            prevention, ice sensor will stop it when ice full.
  • Euhomy commercial ice machine is the best choice
           commercial ice maker with Intuitive LCD control panel
  • Allows for easy operation with power, delay and
           cleaning functions. Intuitive indicator panel symbol
           lights up when bin is full or service is needed


  • Installation type: Build In,  Freestanding and Undercounter
  • Material: Stainless Steal
  • Color: Silver & Black
  • Voltage: 110-120V/60Hz
  • Ice making capacity: 100 lbs. Ice per  24 hrs.
  • Ice storage capacity: 33 Pounds
  • Ice cubes qty per cycle: 45 pcs
  • Ice Production Time: 11 - 20 Minutes / Batch
  • Dimension:17.3"x15.7"x31.4"
  • Package Included
  • 1 x Euhomy Commercial Ice Machine
  • 1 x Ice Scoop
  • 2 x Supply Pipe
  • 1 x Drain Hose๏ผˆNew
  • 1 x Water Supply
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Design: Beveled opening design
  • Easy Cleaning: One-key cleaning function
  • Energy efficient: Energy efficient & Low noise

Euhomy Commercial saves well your business

Commercial grade ice maker works great in homes, restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores and more (not for outdoor use).
Pairs high output and capacity with a self-contained, compact design.

  • Approved for commercial use. 
  • Cost effective
  • 1-year warranty

Extraordinary customer service

Makes terrific ice and lots of it when it was working. Then it just quit. I was disappointed, because this was the best ice maker I have ever owned in terms of quantity and quality of ice. I wrote an email to the manufacturer, and they quickly volunteered to send another ice maker to me, without my even requesting it! I received the replacement yesterday. I have great hopes that the new unit will last longer than the 4 months the original one did, because when it's working the machine is simply without peer. If I have any further issues, i will update the review. Fingers crossed. Kudos to EUHOMY for extraordinary customer service.

B. Barber From Amazon

 Does what it suppose to do great

This ice machine isn great, very simple to setup up, all i needed to do is hook up the water inlet valve from my reverse osmosis water filter system into its inlet (tube is already provided), they also include an adaptor to split a cold water valve from undersink to use too in case you don't have a water filtration system inplaced. Having this ice maker can save lot of money in the long runs, i have friends over alot and we drink lot of beer and we go through lot of ice. Having the ability to make our own ice will save us $10 to $15 everytime we get together.

WinWin From Amazon

Perfect for small gatherings.

Makes ice quickly, perfect for when I have small gatherings and the ice in the fridge wouldn't be enough. Holds a good amount of ice. And replenishes quickly so you will have more ice every 10 minutes or so.Some things people need to understand is this isnt a freezer. It is not supposed to store ice indefinitely like a freezer. While it is insulated, it's not the same as a fridge. Ice is supposed to continuously be made as ice slowly melts out from the drain line. This is just how these things work. This unit NEEDS to drain.If the unit is not in a location to gravity drain, then you NEED to hook the drain to a condensate pump to push the drain water to wherever you need to dispose of it. 

Jessi T. From Amazon

Great service!!! great product!!! Very responsible seller

Long story short; Bought this a while back in March, the machine start leaking ( later on find out it was from the amazon delivery), anyway, I contacted the seller, Marah was really nice, we did a few text, then find out it was leaking from the back where the damage were, ( by that time the Amazon 30 days return window were already over ), but Narah still offer me the replacement anyway machine came a couple of days ago, hooked up everything worked perfect ( btw it does make real solid ice compare to me other ice machine home ), I would highly recommend this company to anyone I know or reading this because of the sellerโ€™s service and responsibly.

Poiuytrewq From Amazon

Great ice maker

We've only had it for about a week but we love our ice maker. We had a little trouble getting FedEx to deliver it but Pamapic stepped right up and we got it the very next day. They have truly been the type of company I like to deal with. We've got our ice maker set up and working and just wow. It makes more ice in one day than our table top ice maker made in a week. Needless to say we are very pleased.
Well I wrote this review and forgot to post it so now it's been a few months and we are are beyond pleased with this little machine. I'm still in nonbelief at how much ice it makes.

   Carol Trahan From Amazon


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