The Best Ice Maker to Produce Ice In Minutes by Euhomy

The space saving and lightweight Euhomy Ice Maker machine that produce ready ice in 8 mins. Capacity 26 Lbs in 24hours.


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Enjoy Togetherness With Ice

Good life is a sum of good experience. Euhomy Ice Makers makes your home party very smooth, every 8 minutes to produce ice to satisfy everyone in party. It gives you unforgettable moment with your friends and family members when they come over your home. What are your waiting for?

  • Plug-in water hose and turn on the ice maker and ice is ready just in 8 minutes. 
  • Office: Grab a cup of iced coffee or other iced drink while you work to help you feel refreshed and work more efficiently.
  • Living Room: Perfect to enjoy your afternoon tea-time or to watch TV or read a book with iced drinks in the living room
  • Kitchen: Add bullet-shaped ice cubes to make the food you make in the kitchen more beautiful and delicious.
  • Party: Euhomy ice maker is small enough to take with you while you spend time with your friends! Enhance a party with high-quality, delicious ice cubes.


  • Item Weight: 17.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.59 x 9.64 x
    12.59 inches
  • Item model number: IM-01
  • Capacity: 2.2 liters
  • Installation Type: Countertop
  • Color: Silver
  • Ice storage: 1.5 Pounds
  • Material Type: Stainless Steel
  • Package Included
  • 1 x Euhomy Countertop Ice Machine
  • 1 x Ice Scoop
  • 1 removable ice basket
  • 2 x Supply Pipe
  • 1 x Water Supply Connector
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Design: Beveled opening design
  • Easy Cleaning: One-key cleaning function
  • Energy efficient: Energy efficient & Low noise
  • Choose Ice cube: 2 selectable ice cube sizes
  • Countertop ice maker with Intuitive control panel
  • Equiped with most advanced Infrared sensor technology
  • Quiet: equipped with the most advanced  refrigeration technology, including a quiet compressor
  • Plug and Play: In terms of user-friendliness, mini ice maker does not require any permanent installation

Euhomy Countertop amplify moments of your family and loved ones

Euhomy ice maker countertop can produce chewable, crystal delicious, bulletโ€”shaped ice cubes for your family gathering and party with your friends and loved ones. 

  • Approved for commercial use.
  • Compact, easy to clean, control and transport
  • small ice maker is an attractive home ice maker for RV,   kitchen countertop, backyards, boats and more.
  • Ready to use just after 24hours after transportation

Great product!

I absolutely love this machine! I've been waiting to review it because I wanted to put it to the test of these last few heat waves and it did not disappoint! This makes ice very quickly and keeps it frozen for quite a while. I was worried that the ice would melt quickly when it was 95+ and that I'd be without ice when I needed it most, but it was always filled to the top of the ice tray! I also love the size and shape of the ice. They're a nice size for when I just want to suck on a cube and they're not too hard to chew on. I wish I bought this product sooner!

Embj25 From Amazon

Super convenient, compact, functional and we'll worth the money!

Came very safely and effectively packaged. First impression was great, felt like a well-built premium product. Slightly on the heavier side. The instruction manual was very detailed and clear in its expression. The ice scoop and the removable basket that comes with it are truly handy and an added bonus. Minimalistic buttons and easy-to-use. The transparent window also helps and prevents from making a mess. Light indicators are awesome and the noise level is pretty standard, not very noisy. Up and running in no time, very fast and easy clean up!

Sabharish Nandan Kathiresan From Amazon

Get this Icemaker

I love this icemaker. Few things like this measure up. The cubes are nice on the large setting and last for a while in my drinks not melting too fast. I would throw away the first 8-10 runs of ice. Very first run of ice scared me but the cubes got better and larger. Makes ice pretty fast too. Faster than I expected. I donโ€™t use my freezer ice anymore. Purchased to supplement on hot days when we had people over. I now run it all the time. Only recommendation is to set the electronic eye in the middle of the ice tray. Ice tends to melt towards the front so it does not make more ice until ice in the back of the bin starts to melt. Ice is always fresh tasting since the ice storage area is not below freezing. This is a great ice maker for the price. Nightly recommend.

 rlovelace From Amazon

Small ice "bullets"

We bought this little guy since we kept having to get ice from our neighbor. The first 24 hours, just let it sit. Don't plug it in, don't play with it. Second day, plugged in, water added and within 7 minutes, the first ice dropped. That first batch was very tiny so we left it alone. Second batch (on large) came out bigger and more useful. We won't be using the small size at all, though. It would be too small. It makes batches quickly, more quickly than we thought it would. We use distilled water for ours because our well water is not that great. We get very nice ice, very quickly. Highly recommend. Small enough to take on vacation, if needed. Quiet but it does put our a bit of warmth around the unit.

 Susan Thompson From Amazon

Great cheap machine!

This bad boy gives a bang for the buck! It sounds like the microwave is running when running, BUT, this cheap machine puts out some ice! Little batches, so donโ€™t have it too far away cause you need to dump the finished batches into a bag to store in the freezer. But it just keeps making new ice. Filling it and dumping it us quite simple. Unless you are ready to put out a lot of money, I would definitely recommend This product. Side needs to sit level for 24 hours before using to allow the refrigerant to settle, so donโ€™t order it at the last minute. The machine also fits in perfectly with our other stainless steel appliances! Itโ€™s a definite plus for our kitchen. The ice machines in the new refrigerators of today cannot keep up with our needs. This is the perfect filler we neeeded.

 susan From Amazon


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