Euhomy Fireplace Heater 23: Comfortable to Enjoy 2020 Winter

At cheapest price of the market, get 1400W Electric Fireplace Heater with Realistic Flame Effect with Overheating Safety Protection.


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Create A Welcome Home In Winter

The flame effects in Euhomy fireplace heaters not only surpass real flames in terms of aesthetics, but also let you avoid the danger posed by real flames. The atmosphere created by the combination of the bright flame and the log is unparalleled. You can enjoy the visual experience and warmth brought by this heater by yourself or with friends, co-workers, loved one or with your family in your bedroom, study or anywhere!

  • Simple adjusting the temperature by simply turning a knob.
  • Unparallel combination of bright frame and 3D Log 
  • Safety in Mind: The electric fireplace heater automaticallyshuts the heater off if the internal temperature gets too hot
  • Party: Euhomy ice maker is small enough to take with you while you spend time with your friends! Enhance a party with high-quality, delicious ice cubes.


  • Dimension(W*D*H):20"*11"23" 
  • Product Weight:17.64 lb
  • Rated Power:1400W
  • Frenquency:60Hz
  • Color: Black
  • Installation Type: Freestand
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Small and light flame
  • Suitable for In-door use
  • Unique glass design for fireplace 
  • Adjustable timer 30mins to 6
  • CSA Certified 
  • Thermostat & 2-swith easy
  • Bedroom: Useful for heating or for decoration
  • Living Room: adjust the temperature by simply turning a knob
  • Balcony: avoids the danger posed by the real flame
  • Choose Ice cube: 2 selectable ice cube sizes
  • Countertop ice maker with Intuitive  control panel
  • Equipped with most advanced Infrared sensor technology
  • Quiet: equipped with the most  advanced refrigeration technology,including a quiet compressor
  • Plug and Play: In terms of user-friendliness, mini ice maker does not
    require  any permanent installation

Euhomy Countertop amplify moments of your family and loved ones

Euhomy ice maker countertop can produce chewable, crystal delicious, bulletโ€”shaped ice cubes for your family gathering and party with your friends and loved ones.

  • Approved for commercial use. 
  • Compact, easy to clean, control and transport
  • small ice maker is an attractive home ice maker for RV,   
           kitchen countertop, backyards, boats and more.
  • Ready to use just after 24hours after transportation

Stylish fireplace heater works very well

This18โ€ fireplace heater is perfect for small to medium size room, I was impressed how quickly this heater warm up my bedroom although itโ€™s small size. because of compact size, lightweight, make it easy to carry around in the house from room to room. I like it how they can function this heater with just fireplace without heat, fire and logs look so realistic, beautiful. Or it can be turn on heater with fireplace both but controlled with 2 different switches, and another separate knob switch to adjust the heat.

 Charle From Amazon

Quiet and elegant , excellent for the price

I decided to go with the 20" and for our room it works perfect.I received the electrical heater super fast even though the shipping sais that it was going to take a week. It was easy to assemble all you need is cross tip long screwdriver. It took me about 10 minutes to put the legs on the heater. I like that to turn it on and set the temp you have to open the the littler door and you can actually turn the fire effect on and the heater off and vice-versa. It's quiet and heats our 14x11 room fast. I wish the 20" would come with a remote , other than that no complaints about the heater. I will update once it gets colder and I have to use it full force.

Carlos S. From Amazon

Lot's of features

We bought this for using in our two bedroom apartment. Itโ€™s quite big and covers our whole apartment. There are 3 modes for adjusting the flame brightness. It has some bery good safety features such as over-heating protection and tilting safety protection. We also liked using the timer function. We setup the timer for 6hours overnight. The remote control was okay. Itโ€™s also very light compared to the size. You will need to attach the legs with a screw driver. Each legs need 3 screws which were provided.

Niloy Barua From Amazon

Ready for the winter!

I love this electric fireplace! I am always cold so this is perfect for warming my office space when I'm working. I like that it has different settings and you can choose just the flames if you don't need to be warm. I wish it came with a remote but it's not a big deal because I put it really close to me below my table to warm my feet.

 Almira From Amazon

Beautifully piece with great warmth

Itโ€™s so beautiful. Today weather is so cold at my place like freezing and we just turned this on and the results came out are just amazing. I bought this for my small living room and I wanted this size only. Checked on other sites also and find cheaper here. We loved it!

 Meenu From Amazon


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