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Euhomy Portable Ice Cube Maker

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Euhomy Countertop Icemaker 40Lbs/day produces 24 cubes of ice every 12 to 18 minutes, this can sum up to 40pounds per 24 hours cycle. This ice quantity suffices for most family parties. Euhomy portable ice maker 40Lbs/day can be placed everywhere, the ice maker is independent of the source of water since...
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  • Euhomy Countertop Icemaker 40Lbs/day produces 24 cubes of ice every 12 to 18 minutes, this can sum up to 40pounds per 24 hours cycle. This ice quantity suffices for most family parties.
  • Euhomy portable ice maker 40Lbs/day can be placed everywhere, the ice maker is independent of the source of water since you just need to drop drinkable water into the ice maker to start making ice. Therefore, you may place an ice maker anywhere you seem to be convenient for you.
  • Euhomy ice maker not only lets you enjoy delicious, odor-free ice cubes but will also help you save water!! Our ice maker is equipped with a 2.2-liter water tank which recycles water in the tank, ensuring that no water is wasted.
  • Euhomy portable ice maker 40Lbs/day has the most advanced infrared sensor technology. When the ice basket is full, the home ice maker will stop the ice making to prevent ice from overflowing. You can do other things when the machine is making ice.

Euhomy Portable Ice Cube Maker

$229.99 $0.00( / )
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Customer Reviews

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cheri bondhill

I bought this in June of 2020 when my ice maker died in my fridge and couldn't be fixed. We have a family of people who cannot live without ice so we put this machine through a lot of work. Constantly making ice. It started leaking and I told the company about it and they asked for a video and I never did send it until it really started leaking after I cleaned it and even though it had been 2 years they still are replacing it with a new one, no questions asked. They responded very quickly, within an hour or so and did not give me a hard time what so ever. Excellent customer service and definitely recommend this company for any thing they sell. Very satisfied customer

***UPDATE***Great...until it wasn't.

***UPDATE***After care customer service support agent, Lily, contacted me after seeing my review. They offered a full refund or a replacement. I selected to have a replacement sent and I received it promptly. We enjoyed frozen margaritas this evening with beautiful clear ice from this machine.We did set this new unit up in a different location to give it even greater clearance for air flow.***ORIGINAL REVIEW***Our household goes through copious amounts of ice so I splurged and bought this ice maker (the fridge ice maker is connected to a non functioning reverse osmosis system). We would make ice l every day or two. We loved the size and taste )we used bottled water). Unfortunately, in less than 9 months, it stopped working. I checked for any blockages in the lines and as unable to locate anything.In summary, we really liked this until it didn't work.

Quick cycle time and clear ice cubes

This ice maker is a cut above the others in the 100-200 dollar price range. The ice cubes are square and clear and the batch of ice doesn't quickly melt because it is insulated so well. This model has a compressor (like your refrigerator) compared to the lower priced models that use a high current Thermoelectric System. It is heavy and build quality seems good. It also has a drain so it can be emptied into the sink when not in use. I can fill an 8lb bag in 1 day and I love it. Very handsome appliance and I use it all the time because of a horrible ice make in my Samsung refrigerator.

Great little unnecessary indulgence!

Having ice constantly available is quite a convience. The mchine, constantly running, requires water to be added more often. Ice rhat is produced is extremely thin, and it will turn back to water if left in the machine for a lengthy period of time. However, if you empty the basket and put the ice in the freezer it becomes harder and more enjoyable. Using tap water as opposed to filtered water cause a the machine to discolor quickly and must be cleaned often. Filtered water keeps the machine cleaner without having to be maintained as often. If the machine does accumulate the sedement from the tap water empty the water that stays on the bottom of the maker, then use either descaler or white vinegar and have it sit in the machine overnight. After having it sit for at least 2 to 3 hours, I clean the cavity, metal grill, and water well thoroughly with dish detergent, rinse it well then dispose of the ice from the.next two cycles to eliminate cleanser that may get trapped in the usable ice. This machine is a nice appliance to have if you are a fan of ice, cold drinks. So refreshing!

kelly capowski
As advertised

Have had it a couple months now. I run it all day every day. So far so good. As for the complaints about the ice sticking together, it's really not a big deal. Just give it a little wack and they break up fine. My ice maker did the same thing. I hope the machine lasts a long time as it was a investment for me. So far happy with everything and no problems.

John DavisJohn Davis
Euhomy sent me a replacement! Great service!

**Update**After reaching out to the company I received an email asking if I'd like a replacement or refund. I really wanted a replacement because this makes great ice.I think my first machine had a leak and lost the refrigerant. So they sent me one very quickly, so far it runs great! What great service!Original review below.Original review: Worked fine the first 3 times it was used. Then the fourth time it just ran for 30 mins and then showed an E code. No number next to it, just E by itself. Never got cold enough to make ice

Joseph Veranth
Makes great ice cubes but tiresome to use.

I've had to replace the ice maker in my Samsung refrigerator twice, so when it died for the third time I decided to give up and get a separate ice maker. Plus, I wanted clear, not cloudy ice. I've been using the Euhomy IM-F for several weeks now, and it does everything I had hoped for, though I've found that getting reasonable ice requires a setting of +4. It is a nuisance, however.The biggest annoyance is the recommended cleaning every three days. To clean it you need to drain it, and the drain is in the back so you have to carry it over to a sink and turn it 90 degrees so it drains into the sink. Also, since I have to unplug it to move it, it's annoying that it forgets the ice cube size setting and you must remember to reset it. Another issue is that the ice sometimes blocks the ice-full cutoff switch and it jams up, so you need to check it regularly and empty the basket before it gets full. It also seems to have a mind of its own, stopping for a few hours, and then starting up again without warning unless you turn it off.Of course, some of this could be pilot error, which brings me to my biggest complaint. This same unit is sold by several companies with minor branding and cosmetic differences, including Euhomy, NewAir, and Frigidaire, but not one of these companies took the time to re-write the fractured-english instruction manual in decent English, so I'm left with many questions about how to clean or use it. First, cleaning requires a 1:10 mixture of vinegar and water, but the manual doesn't tell you how much you need (from experience, it seems to be about 800ml). Second, when the flow becomes uneven, the manual tells you to clean the holes in the water separator pipe, but I've never been able to figure out how to remove it to get at the holes. Third, trial-and-error hasn't resulted in my comprehension of the broken-english instructions in how to use the timer. I can't figure out how to turn it off, or even to tell whether it's on or off, which probably explains the unanticipated start ups. Would it be so much effort to write an English instruction manual?Lesser nuisances are having to empty the basket frequently so the cubes don't melt and breaking apart the cubes, but these I already knew about before I bought it.

Lucifer Hawk
Better than expected.

this is my 3rd standalone ice maker, and this has been my favorite so far. only slightly larger than the $99 models that make foggy ice with the hole in the center. I never know that the reason ice made at home didn't make your drinks taste funny because of the type of water your using as much as the method you use to make the ice. the foggy ice is oxidized ice.that's done by freezing from the outside --> in. the reason for the clear ice tasting better is due to the lack of oxidation. by keeping the water moving over the surface of the ice, it freezes from the inside out. these cubes not only taste better, but they remain colder for much longer than the holey ice. one thing that I've found helpful is to change the ice making cycle to the max amount of time to give the cubes a little more time to form and freeze. makes for the transfer to the freezer a little better for me. after about20 min in the freezer, I usually break the cubes up with a screwdriver so they remain separated for future use. if you let them freeze to subzero temperatures before breaking sheets of ice, they tend to be a little finicky about wanting you separate easily. I hope you've learned something and this was helpful! ?

S. Ganje
1 year Review

All too often I read reviews of products that someone just bought but I always wonder about their long term performance. I have owned this ice maker for 14 months. I use it in my small office, It sits directly behind my chair and runs all day long. It produces enough ice to keep myself and all of my coworkers satisfied throughout the day. It typically runs 12 hrs/day although during the summer months it is sometimes used 24 hrs/day. (We operate around the clock.)Now onto my review... I've only "cleaned" it twice. I've never had bad ice although we do start with bottled water, never tap. Only once did I have an issue with the ice not dumping and when that happened it just made one giant ice blob over the metal ice tray. I allowed it to thaw and never had the issue again. Its been reliable and consistent. It costs a bit more than the cheap gumdrop shaped ice cube makers. However this ice melts much slower and holds a lot in the reservoir. I would not hesitate to purchase another if something happened to this one.

Portable DesignsWith the idea of making ice-making easier, we've designed built-in light allowing to take out ice easily in the dark and transparent viewing window.

Smart ControlableSave not only energy and bill but also your time and effort from monitoring the ice-making process from time to time.

More IceTo ensure the performance of ice maker, matched with 2.6Qt water reservoir won't waste water. Note: Don't exceed the "MAX" level when adding water!

Superior Quality 430 Anti-Fingerprint stainless steel makes the ice machine more durable and more elegant that's enough to wow your friends.